Bringing that Web 2.0 feeling

Everywhere you turn on the internet now you see Web 2.o.  Everybody has it or everybody who doesn’t have wants to have it or is trying desperately to prove they have it.  And the ones that have it now want to one up everyone and say they have Web 3.o!  (Although there are some naysayers against that as well.

Well here at the big red machine we are no different.  We get those pangs of envy about sporting Web 2.0 just like everyone else.  Thing is, large enterprise software companies like us aren’t usually going to be on the cutting edge as much smaller companies can.  They can go from concept to product in the time it takes their developers to quaff 30 Red Bulls (is that the drink du jour for programmers?  I lose track of what those kids do these days.)  Whereas we have a lot more at stake when we develop something.  Our product is obviously much more integrated throughout an enterprise that we have a lot of dependencies to consider.

That’s not to say we don’t recognize a good thing when it happens though.  Obviously Web 2.0 isn’t a flash in the pan so it’s imperative that we too examine the business applications for it.  We have to go beyond just mashing up Google maps and facebook applications of course.  When a company is running their mission critical projects using our software the users want more than just to know what’s the latest Starbucks (or anti Starbucks )  location and status of their friends.  They need to see some business value in what we develop otherwise it’s just slick interface that is amusingly distracting for a while.

We’re bouncing around several use cases and business ideas and frankly looking to rip off (nay, “borrow”) some of the great ideas that those smaller, nimbler companies I talked about earlier are bringing to market.  Over the next little while I’ll examine some of those applications and the ideas behind them and how they might help a big company like us become another hip follower of the Web 2.o wave.


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