Oracle Projects at the PMI conference

For those in the industry you probably know about the upcoming Global Congress put on by PMI in Atlanta.  The dates are October 6-9th, which to any sharp eyed reader starts over a weekend.  Leave it to the project managers to not want to miss a day of task progression!

Oracle Projects will have a squad of people at the show attending sessions, manning an exhibitor booth and most importantly speaking!!  Our session title is ‘Project Management Best Practices: Delivering Business Results’.  The full abstract is below.

“This session will deliver key insight into the industry-leading practices companies have adopted in managing their project-driven organizations. These highly actionable practices are based on the real-world experiences of thousands of customers with Oracle and PeopleSoft project management solutions, across industries, deploying project management practices, establishing, managing and governing their project management office (PMO), and driving corporate change initiatives. Adding to the depth of perspective is the unique insight provided by KenRob’s 25 years of project management consulting experience and intellectual capital. The speakers will first identify significant project management challenges and recommend best business practices to address these challenges.  The speakers will also provide guidance to assist in making the critical decisions involved in implementing software solutions to these challenges.  Finally, the audience will learn how to address these challenges with Oracle’s Projects solutions.”

You’ll find us in Room A309 on Sunday, October 7th from 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


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