Postcard from Hotlan….err…Atlanta!

Talk about an overused alias for a city.  I wonder how the residents of Atlanta feel when every conference that comes into town probably uses ‘Hotlanta’ to promote their events to out of towners.  It’s a great city to be sure, but they need to come up with something other than “Hot…” well, you know what.

I’ve been at the PMI conference over the weekend in Atlanta and it’s been a very excellent conference for us.  We tend to have an image issue at Oracle just because our database product is so well known.  A lot of companies know we have the database and are surprised when they find out we have applications such as Financials, HR, SCM, CRM and yes…PROJECTS!!

It was with mixed emotions I talked to several of our customers that knew of or were even using our Financials application but had no idea what our Projects application abilities were.  Hopefully we were able to shed some light on our capabilities to the masses and get the word out.  “Yes, Oracle has Projects and we’re damn good too!”

Just in case you missed speaking with us at the conference, here’s a link to some of the material we were showing off at our booth which illustrates the wide range of Projects applications we have.  We also give the love to both our Oracle AND PeopleSoft customers too.  See here for the information about our ESA (Enterprise Service Automation)product (aka PeopleSoft Projects).

It was very fun and I’ll be posting some more updates from the conference very soon.


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