New and Improved Oracle Forums for Projects!!

Very recently Oracle revamped their customer forums and we’re just starting to let the world know.  Oracle EBS Projects has it’s own forum located here.  (Sign in is required)

Typically these forums have been used for queries like ‘create
table by trigger’
or ‘Getting Error: savepoint ‘CREATE_PROJECT_PUB’ never established’.  Well, our focus on repurposing the forums is to get the discussions more centered around business process related questions, best practices, industry trends and general questions about EBS Projects.  Our Metalink forums for customers are still the best place to post technical or error related questions.

As I say in my forum announcement, the success of this forum depends on you, the user. We hope that the members will identify problems and other members will offer up solutions. You can also spark new product ideas by describing your experiences and needs. Perhaps most importantly, you can help each other create a successful experience by sharing your experiences and lessons learned.

Check it out today.  As an added bonus for regular contributors that provide great value to the community, you can be nominated by me as an Oracle Ace!!  That means you get a really cool little ace of spades logo by your user name and tells the world you know your stuff.  What more could anyone want??