PMXPO – Final Thoughts

I guess I didn’t get back to my thoughts on this cool virtual conference that day but wanted to get it done before I forget!

What did I like:

  • No travel to a conference!
  • Ability to pop in and out of sessions as I liked
  • Easily browse the vendor offerings and chat if you’d like
  • Could continue to work while listening
  • Their briefcase feature made grabbing vendor and presentation information extremely easy – no having to leave to someone’s website to get materials
  • One click entry of contests (where is my Xbox 360 bundle or iPod Touch??)  Since you’re logged in I liked the fact they didn’t make you have to re-enter any information or fill out a contact card
  • Reminders for presentations that come in your email so you don’t miss a session
  • All presentations and materials are available later if you missed a session

What I wasn’t so hot on:

  • You could easily tune out because you’re continuing to work – next thing you know you missed 5-10 minutes of what the speaker said or have no context of the slide you’re looking at
  • The content was pretty much focused on new Project Managers – both myself and a couple of colleagues that attended didn’t find many sessions all that riveting
  • The networking is very difficult to do – you basically know a name and company (sometimes!) of a person and most people didn’t even put a picture on their avatar.  I can’t imagine you’d ever really meet someone new on this format unless you want to pester someone with a message.

Those are my top of the head thoughts.  Overall I thought it looked fantastic – they did a great job making it look clean and professional.  I would definitely attend next year although I hope the topics presented get a little bit more out of the box for more experienced PM’s.  Maybe they can offer more than one session at a time to be able to cover more ground in the day and let people choose what interests them.


PMXPO – It’s better than I expected!

Just a heads up that I’m attending the virtual PMXPO 2008 right now.  It is much cooler than I thought it would be.  It’s just like being at a conference without all the hassles of travel and that annyoing thing called walking between sessions and booths!

Right now I’m listening to the keynote speaker and there are several more sessions coming throughout the day.  I don’t think it’s too late to sign up so just go to and sign up now.  I’ll have more details on what I liked about it later.

New Oracle Whitepaper Released on Projects

A newly released whitepaper focuses on the common pitfalls that lead to project failures.  Written by our Director of PPM Product Marketing, Kazim Isfahani, the whitepaper entitled Why Projects Fail: Avoiding the Classic Pitfalls discusses the core reasons for project failure, and goes one step further by proposing recommendations for avoiding the risks and pitfalls.

This is a product agnostic look into whether project failures are considered normal these days given the high rates of failure, but also addresses six common reasons why projects are doomed to fail before they even start.

Mr. Isfahani will be speaking on Project Management Best Practices at Collaborate 08 in Denver this month.  See the time and a synopsis of that session below.

OpenWorld just a week away!

Some other great sessions for next week that I wanted to highlight…

Oracle Projects Meet the Experts:  Come and talk to our product experts from development and strategy.  Wednesday November 14th @ Moscone West, 2nd floor.  Overlook space 3.  The times are from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

DEMOgrounds: We have two different focuses for the demo pods.  One is Transforming PPM into Strategic Advantage where we demo the complete lifecycle from project initiation and portfolio management through project planning, execution,  financial control and reporting.  This is at Demo station B12, in the Moscone South Exhibit Hall.

The other focus is on Driving Business Success.  Here you will learn how Oracle Projecs delivers centralized, information driven, enterprise project and portfolio management functionality designed to tackle business challenges inherent in project-driven organizations.  You will find this at Demo Station B9, in the Moscone South Exhibit Hall.

Shameless self promotion!

If you’re planning to go to Oracle OpenWorld this year in San Francisco (Nov 11-14th) be sure to make it to a session called Oracle Project Management for DoD Earned Value Compliance: ViaSat’s Perspective .

I will be introducing our customer ViaSat who have been doing some cool things with our Earned Value feature in Project Management.  Ryan Denner and Tim Cronin from ViaSat will be presenting the meat of the presentation and I’ll just be the wrapper for them.  We kick off on the Monday at 4.45 pm in Room 2016 – L2 (I have no idea where that is right now but I’m sure there will be maps).

If you come by and have read this blog please let me know if you like it or have any suggestions for topics!  Thanks.